Philippines Travel

With over 7,000 tropical islands to explore, hundreds of world class scuba dive sites, fabulous beaches and racuous nightlife, it’s a wonder more people don’t vacation in the Philippines. But the fact so few travel to the Philippines means that you’re more likely to have that perfect beach to yourself.

Prices are very cheap compared to western standards, English is widely spoken and the population is easy-going and friendly.

Of course, everything isn’t perfect in the Philippines. Poverty is widespread, the cuisine is uninspiring and many of the most fabulous travel destinations are difficult to get to. On the other hand, there are plenty of safe flights around the country that are dirt cheap by western standards, allowing you to get to some of the more far flung destinations without the hassle of long bus and ferry rides.

Sex tourism is common in the Philippines, but is mainly prevalent in a few areas of the country. Crime is also fairly high and care should be taken, especially in metro areas.