Pirate’s Cove

Pirate’s Cove
Borongan, Philippines
Price Range: Midrange
Region/Province: Samar

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2 Responses to “Pirate’s Cove”

  1. gota search that site the clik on the heading.pirates cove has a lot to offer.childrens waterpark,adult pool facing the paacific.marinesanctuary and watrsports recreation area fronting the resort. the rooms have kitchens,bbq areas.day picnic and swim with the local folk.scuba surfing fishing ecotreks mountian river tubing in winter alot of un for all ages. pirates cove was established in 1992 first in the region with all these amenities.

  2. hello to all my dasd came here twenty years ago asnd has spent this time building pirates cove.I think its a nice place.he tries hard to make everyone feel at home here in borongan.check out our web sites i made.thanks.pirate3scovesurfresortsamar.webs.com,piratescovesurf.weebly.com,piratescovesamar.yolasite.com

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